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Doesn't this apple just look juicy enough to sink your teeth into?
And doen't it remind you of that great patch your mom put on your pants when you were young?

This retro patch is very sturdy, and we have made applying it way easier than having to sew it on. It is an easy, iron-on to fix those annoying holes in pants, sweaters, hoodies, or that favourite jacket. Or use it to personalize a (school) bag. Oh, and it's a great gift for teachers too...

Why should patches be boring? It's so much more fun to have a scrumptious and juicy apple on your knee or shoulder, than a dull plain one. Kids love these patches, and you'll love not having to bay a whole new pair of pants.


Shipping: Order more than one patch and shipping will be combined so shipping costs stay as low as possible.

Juicy Apple

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