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Who are we?

Tobias, Hannes and Matthijs...

...and we drove our mum, Manon, nuts. She'd buy us a new pair of jeans, and within a few weeks, we would manage to get a hole in one of the knees. We think this is quite an accomplishment, but she sees it differently.

'Money doesn't grow on trees you know!', she always says. But we can't help it; we're kids!

And so she was looking for ways to fix our clothes. But hey, it's got to be cool, or we won't wear it. So she decided to make us patches that will make our pants even better than before. And they are; other kids often ask us where we got them.

She is getting something out of it too though: our pants go way longer, and it only takes her a minute to fix them. She just irons them on.

Now mom is much better to deal with when we ruin another hoodie, shirt or pair of pants.

They test the knee patches on a daily basis
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