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Please follow the instructions below closely for best results.  


Place the garment flat on a hard, flat surface, preferably an ironing board.



Put your iron on high, steam OFF.



Put the patch with the backside on the garment, image facing up, in the right position. Always place it on a flat surface. Never over a button, zipper or other thickened part in the fabric.


Place a standard, clean, white sheet of paper or thin cotton cloth over the patch to protect your garment, the iron and the patch.



Firmly press on the patch for 60 seconds on both sides, gently moving the iron, paying extra attention to the edges. Move the press cloth every 15-20 seconds as not to burn the patch or garment.



Let it cool down. If the patch does not stick the first time, increase the temperature of the iron and repeat steps 4 and 5.

Ironing Instructions


Muddy Mouse patches are only to be used on non-stretch fabrics, and garments that can be ironed. 


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